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My first day at University was full of mixed emotions: excitement, fear and a little anxiety. I had a lot of questions that were continually playing through my mind. How would I cope being away from home? Would I make friends? Would I last Freshers week? How would I make my money last?

A lot has changed since I was at Uni; the World Wide Web was in its infancy, Oasis were in their prime. Apple was merely a fruit and the only Amazon was a rain forest somewhere in South America. But equally some things have stayed the same; money is a finite resource, and all of us can benefit from financial guidance.

At NextGen Money we offer a friendly, objective source of financial guidance, delivered via a face-to-face discussion before your course starts and then email nudges throughout the year.

Our aim is to guide you through the potential financial pitfalls of student life and to give you someone to talk to about whatever is on your mind money-wise.

Student MoneyTrack

NextGen Money offer a friendly, objective source of advice, covering the following vital issues:


Budgeting isn’t an art or a science, a lot of it is about willpower and making your money go further. Consider operating two accounts, separating essentials and “nice to haves” to maintain your financial discipline.

Student Loans

A loan is exactly that, there is an expectation that you are going to pay it back. Maintenance loan money will land in your bank account just once a term, so budgeting is key to making it last.

Student Bank Accounts

Don’t focus on the freebies without considering the overdraft that’s on offer. Find the account that will work best for you, not the one that’s closest to you. Be prepared to be credit checked.

Credit cards and other forms of debt

All of us borrow in some way shape or form. The issue isn’t borrowing, the issue is not paying it back. Remember that credit isn’t just about your “credit card”, store cards and mobile phone contracts are forms of credit too.

We can discuss whatever is on your mind. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

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